Bultax logoIn compliance with our goal to provide our clients with a complete and integrated product the law firm “Ruskova and partners” work in cooperation with the accounting and consulting house “BULTAX”.
With its vast experience “BULTAX” performs accounting services and it is specialized in the area of tax and business consulting. Our long-time cooperation with them, as well as the team of highly qualified and motivated specialists – professionals in the field of taxation legislation are just some of the reasons why we recommend them to our clients.

Lex LegalINTERNATIONAL LEGAL NETWORK LEX LEGAL – When our clients expect intelligent, prompt and cost-effective solutions – we provide them! With the cooperation of selected professionals in North America, Belgium, Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom the international business of our confidants can only grow stronger.

Ruskova & Partners Law Firm is a member of: INTERJURES an international network of lawyers, accountants and auditors with representatives in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Greece. INTERJURES serve the needs of the clients in the conditions of international integration of the economy and the increasing importance of effective management of the business, the need of active consultancy business help. The main goal is a complete care for the clients.

BULGARIAN-CHINESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY As an honorary member of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, “Ruskova and Partners” law firm has gathered considerable experience in the development and implementation of trading and investing activities between Bulgaria and China. As its partner our firm cares and helps to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries, guaranteeing its customers successful realization both on the Bulgarian and Chinese markets.

BULGARIAN-SWISS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The membership of “Ruskova and partners” in the “Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce” supports and completes the realization of our goal – promoting partnership and mediation in the establishment of business contacts, providing expert assistance in German, French and English.

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